TARC Meeting Minutes for March 8, 2018

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2018

Club Officers

President Dave K5AVO

Vice President Bill KK5ZH

Secretary Don KJ5GQ

Treasurer Bobbie N5XDQ


Ryan KG5RGN 3yrs remaining

Paul NM5PH 2yrs remaining

Paul KE5FBN 1yrs remaining

NEXT MEETING OF THE TARC IS April 12, 2018 At Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64)

Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm of most months at the Farmington Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64).

The meeting was called to order by Bill KK5ZH, at 19:30.

Note: minutes were taken by Donnie KJ5GQ in the secretary’s absence.

There were 17 attendees.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report for was read by Bobbie N5XDQ . February 2018 Beginning Balance $3189.43, Income Dues $30.00, Interest $0.02, Expense $0.00 Ending Balance $3219.45, Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report made by Paul NM5PH, Seconded by Bill KK5ZH, Motion Passed.

Secretary’s Report

Motion made by Bill KK5ZH to accept the minutes as posted, Seconded by Bobbie N5XDQ, Motion Passed.

Old Business

With Doug and Betty leaving the club needs a new volunteer to coordinate the clean up of our Highway Mile. After some discussion about the job Lee KE5MDP volunteered to become the coordinator. So lets give Lee the same or better support that we gave Betty, and OUR many thanks to Betty for doing it all this time.

Constitution and By Laws up date review. Paul NM5PH said he had read through them and said they were in mostly good shape, maybe a few item would need updating and would have a better idea of what next meeting.

New Business

This was Doug and Betty’s last meeting and we thank them for all the hard they have done for the club and for all the friendship that have passed to everyone in the club. We moved on before we were all crying having to say good bye.

With Devin leaving the area we lost our Secretary and need a new one. Bobbie N5XDQ nominated Scott KG5VBX to be the new Secretary Scott accepted the nomination, no other nominations were made. A vote was ask for and Scott KG5VBX is now the official TARC Secretary. (Don KJ5GQ will help Scott get settled in)

Post Office Box Rental is due again, it is $140.00 Motion made by Paul NM5PH to have the Treasurer pay the Rental fee of $140.00 Seconded by Bill KK5ZH motion Passed

Our renew of the Corporation Permit will expire at the end of May. A motion to have the club Secretary carry out the necessary paper work (online) and pay the yearly fee and be reimbursed for the fee was made by Paul NM5PH, Seconded Bill KK5ZH, motion Passed. (Don KJ5GQ will assist Scott KG5VBX with how to do this)

A discussion about the up coming Ham VE Test Sessions was held. Don KJ5GQ has taken over the coordinators position for our group from Doug NQ5G and talked about the next couple sessions coming up.

Durango Group will hold a VE Test Session on April 21, 2018. It will be a Tech Class beginning in the morning and the Test Session to follow around 3-3:30pm.

The Pagosa Springs Group will be conducting a VE Test Session on June 23, 2018 More Detail to come.

It was pointed out that this date conflicts with this years Field Day as well.

Both Groups have have asked that if some of our VE’s, particularly Extra Licensed could assist it would be helpful. When Durango gives the class they usually have a large number candidates and having more VE to grade the test greatly speeds up the process.

Don KJ5GQ ask for an assistant as He will be traveling a lot this summer and Lee KE5MDP said he would help out Don.

MORE DETAILS are available on the totaharc.org web site. It is also being posted on the Durango Club web site but I do not the name as of this writing.

Motion to adjourn made by Paul NM5PH, seconded by Bill KK5ZH. Passed 19:55

Ben McGaha KB5ITS gave a presentation on having a get together with the other groups of Hams in Durango and Pagosa Springs. Hold a Meet and Greet, bring things for a Show and Tell for new hams to see, touch, feel, and learn about. Promote Field Day for this year, Have food and possibly a Fox Hunt class, or an actual Fox Hunt. Basically a chance for all Hams in the area to meet and get to know more about each other and new Hams to get involved more readily.

A tentative Date of June 2, 2018 is being suggested.


Join us for an informal breakfast gathering at Los Hermanitos Restaurant East in the Middle Fork Square on East Main St. at 7:30 am on Saturdays. Anyone interested in Ham Radio is welcome to come eat, chat and get to know us.

The repeater below will be down as it is transfer to a different location as Doug moves to AZ.

A group of us HAMs that are interested in putting up a repeater met and officially formed an organization to do so, we are now the Totah Amateur Radio Repeater Association (TARPA)

The first repeater will use 147.18 +600 and a 100HZ tone. It had been in service for a while but we are moving it to a new location, when we get it relocated and back to work we will announce that is back in service and you will be more than welcome to try it out if you can hit it. The long term goal is to get a few more in service.