TARC Meeting Minutes for October 11th, 2018

Last month’s meeting was a bit sparse and informal compared to what our meetings normally are, but it was still productive. Sorry for posting the minutes later than normal.

Don’t forget to join us on November the 8th for our next meeting!

Click here for the PDF, or simply read the plain text below:


Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2018

Club Officers

President Dave K5AVO

Vice President Bill KK5ZH

Secretary Scott KG5VBX

Treasurer Bobbie N5XDQ


Ryan KG5RGN 3yrs remaining

Paul NM5PH 2yrs remaining

Paul KE5FBN 1yrs remaining

NEXT MEETING OF THE TARC IS November 8, 2018 At Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64)

Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm of most months at the Farmington Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64).

In the absence of both the president and vice president The meeting was held in an informal manor at 19:30.

There were 7 attendees.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report for was read by Bobbie N5XDQ.

September, 2018

Beginning Balance $ 3154.58


August Interest $ .03

September Interest $ .03

Ending Balance $ 3154.64

A corrected Treasurer’s report for August was also presented by Bobbie N5XDQ and reads as follows:

August, 2018

Beginning Balance $ 3174.58


Reimburse Dave

Jordan for park


Ending Balance $ 3154.58

New Business:

  • Testing Donnie will find out about testing so that we cn determine the next time and place which would be good.
  • Highway Pickup The Highway pickup will be on the 27th at about 9am after breakfast.
  • Pot Luck There will be a pot luck at 9am on January 5th.
  • Election Election of club officers will be held during the December meeting.