TARC Meeting Minutes for March 14, 2019

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2019

Club Officers

President- Don KJ5GQ

Vice President- Bill KK5ZH

Secretary- Scott KG5VBX

Treasurer- Bobbie N5XDQ


Paull NM5PH-Term ending Dec. 2019

Dave K5AVO-Term ending Dec. 2020

Paul KE5FBN-Term ending Dec. 2021

NEXT MEETING OF THE TARC IS April 11, 2018 At Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64)

Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm of most months at the Farmington Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64).

The meeting was called to order by Don KJ5GQ, at 19:30.

There were 11 attendees.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report for was read by Bobbie N5XDQ.

February, 2019

Beginning Balance $3174.74


Dues $ 120.00

Interest $.02


Ending Balance $3294.76

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report made by Dave K5AVO, Seconded by Bill KK5ZH, Motion Passed.

Secretary’s Report

Motion made by Bill KK5ZH to accept the minutes as posted, Seconded by Bobbie N5XDQ, Motion Passed.

Old Business:

  • Road Apple Rally – Bobbie is stepping down from managing our participation in the Road Apple Rally. Bobbie is willing to help the next person. Our club provides a usual compliment of 8-9 volunteers. Although cellphones are being used to do the communicating we used to do the Road Apple Rally could use some help from us for non-radio reasons as general volunteers. Some of our positions do need people there. Devon KD5NMX, Volunteered to take over for Bobbie
    • 1st Saturday in October… 5th of October. Any volunteers are welcome and should contact Devin KD5NMX.
  • Picnic – There is a picnic scheduled for Sept 7th at Upper Rio Vista Park. Map will be posted.

New Business

  • Testing – New VE test date. April 13th at Pagosa Bible Church. Check with Doug Roberts or on our website for more information.
  • Highway Cleanup – Dave has stepped down and we need a volunteer. April 13th is the currently scheduled date. Scott Volunteered. If anyone is available to volunteer for the road cleanup then please contact Scott KG5VBX at kg5vbx@arrl.net.
  • Have to pay the post office – Bill due 3/21/19 Motion to pay bill made by Paul KE5FBN, and seconded by Bill KK5ZH, Motion passed.

Motion to Adjourn made by Paull NM5PH and Seconded by bill KK5ZH. Motion Passed and the meeting was Adjourned @ 7:59pm