TARC Meeting Minutes for November 14, 2019

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

14 November, 2019

Club Officers

President Donnie K6QQT

Vice President Bill KK5ZH

Secretary Scott KG5VBX

Treasurer Bobbie N5XDQ


Dave K5AVO 2yrs remaining

Paull NM5PH 1yrs remaining

Paul KE5FBN 3yrs remaining

NEXT MEETING OF THE TARC IS December 12th, 2019 At Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64)

Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm of most months at the Farmington Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64).

The meeting was called to order by Donnie KJ5GQ, at 7:30 pm.

There were 9 attendees.

Treasurer’s Report

TheTreasurer’s report for was read by Donnie.

December, 2018

Beginning Balance $3010.95


Donation from estate of WA5UAU $ 200.00

Interest $ 0.03

Ending Balance $ 3210.98

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report made by Bill KK5ZH, Seconded by Jess W5AJP, Motion Passed.

Secretary’s Report

Motion made by Tom N0MKC to accept the minutes as posted, Seconded by Sturge WA5K, Motion Passed.

Old Business:

  • New Year’s Potluck – The New Year’s Potluck this year will be January 4th at the Walkers’ place from 9am – 1pm. Before planning or preparing your contribution to this potluck please contact Sarah Walker KB5SPX. Sarah will take calls and coordinate dishes to ensure a balanced selection of foods and refreshments.
  • Keith Miller W5UAU Estate Donation –The radio equipment donated by Keith Miller’s estate were all sold for the agreed upon prices by Paul NM5PH.

New Business

  • Ham Radio testing 9AM – Saturday, 16 November. There may be up to 3 to test.
  • Elections – Elections will be held on the 12th of December
  • Inventory System – It was suggested that we keep an inventory of items owned by the club. Paull NM5PH and Bill KK5ZH will get us info.


Barbra Bowman has a pair of drake twins and Misc homebrew items which were Floyd’s (W5OXK) to sell. Please contact her if you are interested!

Motion to adjourn made by Devin KD5NMX and Seconded by Jess W5AJP. Vote was unanimously passed and meeting adjourned at 7:48pm.