Highway Cleanup 2022

On a lovely day in May we picked up the highway. Thanks to all those who came and went through the back pain to make the highway look great again!

Meeting Minutes for 05-12-2022

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes for 05-12-2022

Club officers:

  • President: Donnie K6QQT
  • Vice President: Bill KK5ZH
  • Secretary: Scott K8OIP
  • Treasurer (Acting): Scott K8OIP


  • Sterge Katirgis WA5K 3yrs remaining
  • Paull Holmes NM5PH 2yrs remaining
  • Allen Prince KG5LFI 1yrs remaining

The meeting was brought to order at 07:33 by Donnie K6QQT There were 11 attendees

Treasure’s Report

May 2022

Starting Balance:$3839.84
Ending Balance3859.88

Old Business:

  • A Secretary or Treasurer is needed Scott will not be able to keep these up forever
  • VE testing went well, 2 passed
  • Road apple rally soon Contact Devin KD5NMX to help out October 1st
  • We would like to welcome John KF5LBY who was voted in unanimously during this meeting. The secretary forgot to bring 1 more application so there will be a vote for a new member (Kyle Gillentine) next time as well
  • Scott K8OIP paid the po box fee for this year. Paull NM5PH motioned to reimburse, Fred seconded, and a vote was held… The club will reimburse Scott for the amount he paid.
  • The Corperation fees are due for this year. A motion was made to pay them by Bobbie N5XDQ, Bill KK5ZH seconded and the motion was approved, Scott will pay the dues

New Business:

  • Donnie and Sarah will be traveling until arounnd October
  • Road cleanup 21st at 9 AM, Bring gloves/grabbers if you have them
  • Keith Miller; Old Jacket and Hat were given away by Bobbie N5XDQ
  • FD is coming up, anyone who would like can get together make plans
    • Last week of June
    • Get a hold of Daryll KE0PX, Larry N0SRF, or Brad KD0UED
  • Next testing won’t be until October unless someone takes it over from Donnie
    • Allen Prince may help, Donnie will assist him in getting materials and learning
  • Picnic in September
    • September 10th – the First weekend after labor day
    • Upper Rio vista park
    • Sarah and Donnie will not be there
    • We will have the monthly club meeting there
    • Donnie will set up the park

Motion to adjourn was made by Bill KK5ZH, and seconded by Allen KG5LFI. A unanimous vote was taken and the meeting adjourned at 20:14