Meeting Minutes for 05-12-2022

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes for 05-12-2022

Club officers:

  • President: Donnie K6QQT
  • Vice President: Bill KK5ZH
  • Secretary: Scott K8OIP
  • Treasurer (Acting): Scott K8OIP


  • Sterge Katirgis WA5K 3yrs remaining
  • Paull Holmes NM5PH 2yrs remaining
  • Allen Prince KG5LFI 1yrs remaining

The meeting was brought to order at 07:33 by Donnie K6QQT There were 11 attendees

Treasure’s Report

May 2022

Starting Balance:$3839.84
Ending Balance3859.88

Old Business:

  • A Secretary or Treasurer is needed Scott will not be able to keep these up forever
  • VE testing went well, 2 passed
  • Road apple rally soon Contact Devin KD5NMX to help out October 1st
  • We would like to welcome John KF5LBY who was voted in unanimously during this meeting. The secretary forgot to bring 1 more application so there will be a vote for a new member (Kyle Gillentine) next time as well
  • Scott K8OIP paid the po box fee for this year. Paull NM5PH motioned to reimburse, Fred seconded, and a vote was held… The club will reimburse Scott for the amount he paid.
  • The Corperation fees are due for this year. A motion was made to pay them by Bobbie N5XDQ, Bill KK5ZH seconded and the motion was approved, Scott will pay the dues

New Business:

  • Donnie and Sarah will be traveling until arounnd October
  • Road cleanup 21st at 9 AM, Bring gloves/grabbers if you have them
  • Keith Miller; Old Jacket and Hat were given away by Bobbie N5XDQ
  • FD is coming up, anyone who would like can get together make plans
    • Last week of June
    • Get a hold of Daryll KE0PX, Larry N0SRF, or Brad KD0UED
  • Next testing won’t be until October unless someone takes it over from Donnie
    • Allen Prince may help, Donnie will assist him in getting materials and learning
  • Picnic in September
    • September 10th – the First weekend after labor day
    • Upper Rio vista park
    • Sarah and Donnie will not be there
    • We will have the monthly club meeting there
    • Donnie will set up the park

Motion to adjourn was made by Bill KK5ZH, and seconded by Allen KG5LFI. A unanimous vote was taken and the meeting adjourned at 20:14