Meeting Minutes for 06-09-2022

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes for 06-09-2022

Club officers:

  • President: Donnie K6QQT
  • Vice President: Bill KK5ZH
  • Secretary: Scott K8OIP
  • Treasurer (Acting): Scott K8OIP


  • Sterge Katirgis WA5K 3yrs remaining
  • Paull Holmes NM5PH 2yrs remaining
  • Allen Prince KG5LFI 1yrs remaining

The meeting was brought to order at 07:36 by Scott K8OIP There were 9 attendees

Treasure’s Report (Amended due to late bank statement)

May 2022

Starting Balance:$3859.88
State Corporation fees$11.95
Ending Balance3867.96

Old Business:

  • A Secretary or Treasurer is needed Scott will not be able to keep these up forever
  • September picnic – Bobbie has the paperwork in case anyone asks
  • Road apple rally – Road apple rally will be October 1st Contact Devin KD5NMX to help out
  • We would like to welcome Kyle Gillentine who was voted in unanimously during this meeting. It has also come to the secretary’s attention that he forgot to put into the minutes that Mark Pearson AD0WA and Debra Pearson AD0XF were voted in so we them in just to make sure and officially welcome them into the club.
  • Next time we vote on Jack Kubiac KD1PE
  • The Corporation fees were paid by Scott K8OIP using the Club debit card.
  • Donnie and Sarah will be traveling until around October
  • Road cleanup was on May 21st at 9 AM, We got 14 bags of trash off of the highway. Thanks to all those who made it down there to clean our mile of the Highway.
  • Next testing won’t be until at least October Since Donnie is out of town
  • Picnic in September
    • September 10th – the First weekend after labor day at 10AM
    • Location will be at Upper Rio Vista Park
    • Sarah and Donnie will not be there
    • We will have the monthly club meeting there at the same time
    • Donnie got the park set up

Motion to adjourn was made by Allen Prince KG5LFI, and seconded by Bobbie N5XDQ. A unanimous vote was taken and the meeting adjourned at 19:48