Meeting Summary for 3/14/2024

This month we had a busy meeting with 11 attendees.

We were all saddened to hear that a very active local ham, Jess Carmon W5SXB, has become a Silent Key.

On a brighter note. We plan on doing several activities:
– a Picnic and POTA on Saturday, May 4th!
– Shane (KI5TOZ) will help us coordinate ARRL Field day. We hope to meet up with some hams from the Durango area who have great experience and know of an excellent location.
Picnic and tailgate on September 7th! I hear there will almost certainly be gear for sale there, as well as some great food and conversation.
– A fox hunt on Saturday July 13th
– We may get a chance to put together some classes for a new club that is starting up nearby. Donnie and Allen may help us put together a testing!
– Possibly a First Aid and CPR class. Not sure yet though

The club does have some radios and equipment to go through and will be stored, temporarily, at Donnie’s house. Please let us know at the next meeting if you are a club member and interested in buying any before the tailgate.