POTA in the park 2024

The POTA in the park for this year was fun for all involved even though the band conditions were not anywhere near ideal. Although the recent solar activity really interfered with the bands and we didn’t make enough contacts to activate the park, we did make a few contacts and have fun while doing so. The cookout was far more successful as the band conditions didn’t affect that part. We all got a chance to practice taking equipment out to the field and trying to use it.

Updates and information

Hell all and happy new year. Scott and I are going to be working to update the club Website and keeping it current. We hope that you will find it informative and of course become you go to spot for radio information.


Highway Cleanup 2022

On a lovely day in May we picked up the highway. Thanks to all those who came and went through the back pain to make the highway look great again!

Fall 2018 Highway Cleanup

The fall 2018 Highway cleanup was a success. We collected 10 bags and got our small stretch of highway back into shape. Thanks to all those who were involved!