Meeting Minutes for August 12th 2021

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2021

Club Officers

President Donnie K6QQT

Vice President Bill KK5ZH

Secretary Scott K8OIP

Treasurer Bobbie N5XDQ


Paull Holmes NM5PH 3yrs remaining

Allen Prince KG5LFI 2yrs remaining

Fred Rossman KI5OVA 1yrs remaining

NEXT MEETING OF THE TARC IS Saturday September 11, 2019 At the Upper Rio Vista Park at the north end of Huntzinger in Farmington, NM.

Meetings are normally held the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm of most months.

The meeting was called to order by Donnie K6QQT, at 19:32.

There were 10 attendees.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report for last month was not read by Bobbie N5XDQ this time.

Secretary’s Report

The Treasurer’s report for last month was not read by Scott K8OIP this time.

Old Business

  • Issue from the zoom meeting in may:
    • We seem to have gotten the Trustees’ terms mixed up from last year Please note the terms above and let us know if anyone thinks this is not correct
  • Club Officers:
    • It was stated that the club officers have all agreed to stay on until the end of the year. After that at least one, Bobbie N5XDQ will need to step down for personal reasons.
  • Dues:
    • The dues for this year remain at $10
  • 2020 Audit:
    • Paull NM5PH reported that the audit was performed by the 3 designated trustees and all items were in order. The paperwork from the audit was accepted by the secretary.
  • Club Insurance:
    • The reason the club had insurance was for liability purposes for activities which club members no longer partake in
      • Paull NM5PH stated that These activities once included climbing towers, which would have made Insurance a very reasonable choice
    • It was stated that, for reference, last year’s insurance was $323.20
    • One member thought it could be possible that some club insurance might be required in order to be an ARRL affiliated club so more research will be done to see if that is the case before a vote happens at the next meeting in September..

New Business

  • Potluck/Tailgate September 11th:
    • A vote was held and it was unanimous
    • On Saturday, September 11th between 10 AM to 2PM at Upper Rio Vista Park the club will hold a Potluck/Tailgate
    • Bring any excess items you wish to sell and cash just in case you find something that you can’t live without
  • Road Apple Rally:
    • First weekend in October (This year that falls on the 2nd) We will confirm this with Devin KD5NMX soon.
    • Someone heard that it might be a 2 day deal this year, so we need to see if we are still only needed the one day
    • Contact Devin KD5NMX for more info or to volunteer
  • Highway Pickup:
    • The Highway pickup has been postponed long enough due to the pandemic. We will make an attempt to do it on October the 9th
    • Contact Scott K8OIP to volunteer or for more information
  • Ham Testing:
    • Donnie K6QQT stated that we have a tentative testing date of September 18th. If you know anyone who would like to become a ham or upgrade their license then please contact Donnie K6QQT for more info.
  • New Member:
    • Jim KI5OUZ was unanimously voted in as the newest member of the club.
  • Future Meetings:
    • The next meeting will be at the September 11th Potluck in Upper Rio Vista Park. Future meetings after may be held in the Fire Station once again after they are done with a remodel they are currently undergoing.
  • Motion to Adjourn Made by Tom N0MKC and seconded by Bobbie
    • Meeting Closed at 20:09
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