The Totah radio club routinely uses a system of five linked radio repeaters. They are “open” repeaters, meaning they are available to all licensed Hams. They cover the Four Corners region of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Radio repeaters are a base radio that hears a signal on one frequency then rebroadcasts it on another frequency for more distance. A repeater could be called a relay radio as well.
Frequency Location  PL Tone Call
145.490 Lybrook,   NM    100.0 NM5SJ
146.740 Aztec,   NM    100.0 NM5SJ
146.820 Red Rock, AZ    100.0 NM5SJ
146.850 Farmington,   NM    100.0 NM5SJ
146.920 Bloomfield,   NM    100.0 NM5SJ

These repeaters are located south of Farmington, NM on the bluffs, southwest of Red Rock, AZ (Roof Butte), east of Aztec, NM (Knickerbocker Peak), south of Bloomfield, NM (Huerfano Mesa) and at Lybrook, NM. They all have a negative offset (- duplex) and an activating tone (PL) of 100Hz.


(Mega-Link is a network of at least 37 repeaters and covers a major portion of the State of New Mexico as well as portions of six surrounding states. For more info about Mega-Link visit

Frequency Location PL Tone Call
147.280 Harris Mesa, NM +67  
147.24 SE Cuba, NM +67  
147.22 North Gallup, NM +67  


Durango Colorado repeaters sponsored by the Durango amateur radio club

Frequency Location PL Tone Call
146.700  Durango, CO +100  
146.670 Durango, CO +100  
146.64 SW Montrose, CO  
146.61 Abajo MT, UT +88.5  


The San Juan Connection linked repeater system, under of the control of  Ben McGaha KB5ITS

Frequency Location PL Tone Call
146.76 Farmington, NM +100.0 KB5ITS
147.100 Harris Mesa, NM -100.0 KB5ITS
146.88 Tank Mountain, NM -100.0  
145.25 Roof Butte, AZ 100.0  
145.37 Hesperus, CO 100.0  
147.150 Ignacio, CO   (Spring Creek) +100.0 KB5ITS
147.36 Navajo Dam, NM 100.0  
147.375 Silverton, CO   (Kendal Mt) +156.7 KB5ITS
145.325 Silverton, CO (Buffalo Boy) -127.3  
147.270 Silverton, CO +127.3  
146.790 Mancos, CO   (Menifee Mt) -127.3  
145.190 Dolores, CO -100.0  
146.610 Pagosa Springs, CO 123.0  
Other repeaters
Frequency Location PL Tone Call
146.94 North Grants, NM -100  
146.610 Monticello, UT -100