TARC Meeting Minutes for February 13, 2020

Totah Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes

13 February, 2020

Club Officers

President Donnie K6QQT

Vice President Bill KK5ZH

Secretary Scott K8OIP

Treasurer Bobbie N5XDQ


Dave K5AVO 1yrs remaining

Paull NM5PH 3yrs remaining

Paul KE5FBN 2yrs remaining

NEXT MEETING OF THE TARC IS 12 March, 2019. At Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64)

Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm of most months at the Farmington Fire Station #6 on the west end of Farmington NM on the South side of Main Street (US 64).

The meeting was called to order by Donnie K6QQT, at 19:30.

There were 8 attendees.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report for was read by Bobbie N5XDQ.

January, 2020

Beginning Balance $2991.03


Dues $300

Interest $.03



Ending Balance $3291.06

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report made by Paull NM5PH, Seconded by Bill KK5ZH, Motion Passed.

Secretary’s Report

Motion made by Bill KK5ZH to accept the minutes as posted, Seconded by Bobbie N5XDQ, Motion Passed.

Old Business:

  • New Club Applicant There was a new applicant Barry Adams who Bill KK5ZH motioned should be accepted into the club and Sturge WA5K seconded, Motion passed

New Business

  • Radios – The club has 2 Radios we knew of, one of them bing an Icom 735 radio. A letter was read from technician stating that USB crystal is defective. The technician, Paull NM5PH, offered to purchase the radio and repair it at his own expense if the club decided not to attempt a repair requiring a difficult to find crystal. Bill KK5ZH motioned and Sturge WA5K seconded the motion to sell the radio to Paull NM5PH. Paull NM5PH abstained from the vote in order to prevent a conflict of interest. The motion passed and the radio was sold. The club still has one radio.
  • Picnic – Donnie needs to get park, and schedule next test
  • Upcoming events – We will possibly help with Ron’s equipment at some point if his family calls on us. Ron’s son Tom may come to breakfast at some point.
  • Floyd’s wife will be having estate sale. No known date. Sold items will need to be present in the sale though.

Motion to adjourn was made by Bill KK5ZH and seconded by Sturge WA5K and meeting ended at 19:58

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