A Net is a regularly scheduled on-air meeting with other amateur radio operators.

All nets listed are open to all licensed ham operators. If you wish to join the nets just respond when the net control calls for travelers or visitors.

Glynn’s  Four Corners 2 Meter NetSan Juan County Repeaters NM5SJMonday   through Saturday0200 UTC
7:00PM MST
8:00PM MDT
Four Corners Breakfast NetSan Juan County Repeaters NM5SJMonday   through Friday6:30AM MST
6:30AM MDT
Pagosa Air TalkersSan Juan Connection Repeaters KB5ITSFriday7:00PM MST
7:00PM MDT
New   Mexico Road Runner Net3939kHzDaily0100 UTC
6:00PM MST
7:00PM MDT
High Noon Net7240kHzDaily12:00PM
Wyoming   Antelope Net3923kHzDaily6:45PM   MST
Colorado   Columbine Net3989kHzDaily0200UTC
7:00PM MST
8:00PM MDT
NM Breakfast   Net 3939kHzDaily6:30AM MST
6:30AM MDT

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