TARC Meeting Minutes for February 14th 2019

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Totah February Meeting Minutes.

Call meeting to order

Introductions of members and visitors if any one new there:: 11 people present.

Treasure’s report: Bobbie read the report, Motion to approve Tom N0MKC, 2nd Paul NM5PH

Secretary report : no minutes form last meeting.

Old business

Ham test issue with date in June with the meeting room and my schedule. Bobbie got us June 8th but I can not do June 8th I will be out of town so we need another place or someone else will have to run the testing.:: We will not do the spring test session between my schedule and the Center’s schedule it does not work out, Will still plan the November 16th test session.

License Trustee change went through. It is in under may name. Received the written conformation. Expiration Date of 09/11/2025

Voted on new memberships. Motion to accept new members made by Paul NM5PH, Seconded by Tom N0MKC New Members Mike Harvey Jr KG5WYK, Kasie Harvey, KG5ZNQ, Talon Harvey, KG5WYJ, Tom Adair, KG7KQP


New business

September picnic/meeting need to reserve park Fee. Motion to reserve Rio Vista Upper park for September park for Sept 7 and reimburse for Don for Fee Made by Stergie WA5K, Seconded by Bobbie N5XDQ

Website, pet peve of mine why have one if it is not kept up. I do not have passwords to help out. I will get with Scott.

Paul NM5PH Presented and Read the Financial Audit on behalf of the club Trustees.

No Issue found Motion to accept the financial Audit made by Mike Jr KG5WYK, seconded by Stergie WA5K. Congratulations to Bobbie for another year of excellent record keeping.

Bobbie brought up if we want to continue to support the Road Apple Rally as a club, She is stepping down as organizer. Some discussion was held and will be brought up at the next meeting to determine if we are going to continue or not. If we do decide to continue we will need a someone to step up and take over coordinator.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Paul NM5PH, Seconded by Stergie WA5K.

Meeting Adjourned.